Let’s take care of that 3-putt problem you can’t seem to shake. Look I get it… you roll up to the course with just enough time to settle up at the pro shop and grab a Snickers before finding the squad. Before you hit the first tee take 10 minutes and get a feel for the greens.

Eliminate 3-Putts with These 3 Dynamic Drills

Eliminate 3-Putts with These 3 Dynamic Drills

Putting is the most crucial aspect of your game. You won’t break 80 without getting a handle on those 3-putts. 

3 drills for line, rhythm, and speed will get us to.  So let’s get it in shape with my favorite pre-round routine.

Grab 3-5 balls and hit the practice green:

Ladder Putting Drill

With this distance drill, let’s get a feel for green speed to develop your touch and precision. Here’s how you can incorporate it:

1. Place three tees along a straight line at equal intervals, starting roughly 4 feet from the hole.

2. Begin by putting five balls from the closest tee, focusing on hitting it with the correct speed to sink it into the hole. Never short and no more than 3ft beyond the hole.

3. Progress to the next tee and repeat the process.

5. Concentrate on maintaining a smooth and consistent stroke throughout the drill.

6. Challenge yourself by setting a goal to complete the ladder without any misses.

I pay close attention to the putter depth at each tee for the backswing. I found the inside of my back foot is 4 feet. The putter face one the outside is often 8 feet.

Gate Drill

The second thing I need to find is rhythm and accuracy; there is no better drill than this Tiger Woods special.

1. Set up two tees or any other objects as gates on either side of the putter head, creating a narrow channel.

2. Position yourself a few feet away from the hole and take your putting stance.

3. Focus on stroking the ball through the gates without hitting them.

4. Repeat the drill at 4 and 8 feet, with 10 balls at each.

Line Drill

Let’s finish the routine with some curve work.

1. Find a slope or undulating surface on the practice green and mark a spot 4 feet away from the hole.

2. Visualize the line you believe the ball will roll on to reach the hole. We want to find the highest point our ball will take to set our line.

3. Set up a putt and aim to roll the ball along that line. Repeat till you can sink the putt consistently.

4. Repeat the drill from different angles and distances to enhance your green reading and alignment skills.

Practicing the line drill regularly will sharpen your ability to read greens effectively, leading to more successful putts.

Eliminate those 3-putts with these simple pre-round drills. I want to understand how fast the greens are and how the ball reacts to the surface in the practice area. In most cases this will resemble what we can expect on the course.

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