We spent hours studying tour pros and their pre-round routine so you don’t have to. Our long bombers will be disappointed but don’t worry we left a few good rips in the routine for you.

Tiger, Rory, and DJ spend 70% of the tier pre-round routine on wedges and putters. Let that sink in… 70! If you study them enough you will find their weekly practice routines have similar shot distributions.

This guide is going to help you replicate a pre-round routine without the countless range hours. If your in a hurry click here to see a few examples.

Driving Range

A Pre-round Golf Routine Worth of The Master’s

Step 1: Arrive Early

Arriving at the course with ample time before your tee time is crucial. Aim to arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled start to allow for a relaxed and unhurried practice session. This time will give you the opportunity to warm up properly and establish a comfortable rhythm.

Step 2: Begin with Wedges

Once you have paid up, head to the range and start with your wedges. Begin by hitting a few shots with your pitching wedge to find your rhythm and groove. Pay close attention to your grip, posture, and alignment. Take smooth, controlled swings, focusing on striking the ball cleanly and generating consistent contact.

Aim for 60 shots near the green with multiple wedges. We want to focus on getting up and down to put ourselves in a scoring position from inside 30 yards.

Step 4: Progress to Irons

After you’ve dialed in your wedge shots, progress to your mid-irons and long irons. Take a few shots with each club, gradually mixing in full wedge shots, short, and long irons. The goal here is to similar shot patterns we experience on the course. We find Driver, 4 Iron, 8 Iron and wedge to be very common among tour players. Use this time to refine your swing mechanics and establish a consistent ball flight. Pay attention to your ball position, weight transfer, and tempo.

Roughly 10 per club with a goal of 40 balls is perfect.

Step 5: Incorporate Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Once you feel comfortable with your irons, it’s time to bring out your fairway woods and hybrids. These clubs are essential for reaching longer par-4s and par-5s. Focus on generating solid contact and a smooth, sweeping swing. Experiment with different ball positions to find the optimal launch angle for each club.

10 shots per club here is perfect.

Step 6: Dial in Your Driver

The driver is often the most intimidating club in the bag, but with proper practice, it can become your most reliable weapon. Spend ample time working on your driver, paying attention to your setup, grip, and swing path. Aim for a controlled yet powerful strike, focusing on finding the fairway consistently.

10 additional shots here and we will head out to the putting green.

Step 7: Fine-Tune Your Putting Stroke

Once you’ve completed your full-swing practice, it’s time to shift your focus to the short game. Spend ample time putting, focusing on both long-distance lag putts and shorter, more delicate strokes. The goal of the pre-round routine is to find speed and determine how the green is breaking is key for eliminating 3 putts.

We want to hit 20 putts or so before we take the tee to get a feel for we can expect on the course. Split those between short and long putts will give you a feel for what kind of tempo you are going to have to carry.


By following this step-by-step guide to your pre-round routine, you can maximize your time on the range and practice area, setting yourself up for success on the golf course. Remember to arrive early, warm up with stretching exercises, and progress through your clubs systematically. Dedicate time to your short game and mental preparation to round out your routine. With consistent practice and a well-executed pre-round routine, you’ll find yourself playing your best golf and enjoying the game even more.

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